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We offer you tours of our land based oyster shed operation Monday to Friday at 2pm.  Please call in advance for bookings.  Click here for contact details

Posted by: Turners Oysters | October 21, 2010

Eat and drink

When you visit Turners Oysters & Seafood you can enjoy the freshest oysters opened before your eyes by an expert oyster shucker.  You can select from our range of natural, kilpatrick or japanese style prepared oysters to enjoy with a glass of wine in our cafe.  We’re open for business 9-5 Monday to Friday.

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Oysters one of the world’s best sources of dietary zinc

Oysters are by far one of our food supplies greatest sources of zinc.  Zinc is good for your immune function, fertility levels, wound healing and hair growth.  Half a dozen oysters supplies you with more than enough zinc to meet your recommended daily intake.

fresh oyster with fish roe (tobikko) and shallot by pvcpvc - protrait mode!